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Takó Sushi Digital Campaign / Campaña Digital Takó Sushi

digital interactive campaign for a Rosario sushi restaurant. the idea is to cook different digital sushis every 10 days, but the ingredients are spread across the banners of a lot of Rosario blogs. so, to cook the sushis you have to find, with the help of two directories, which blogs have the right ingredients to "cook" them and win. there are prices, from dinners for 6 people to japanese cooking atires. the campaign also includes flyers, posters, facebook, twitter a blog and radio spots and PNTs.

TAKO VIE 10 JULIO.mp3 - facuvsfacu . facu medina . creative

here´s the link.
none of this would´ve been possible without the help of seba, rodri and agus.


campaña digital interactiva para un restaurant de sushi de Rosario. la idea es cocinar diferente sushis digitales cada 10 días, pero los ingredientes están desparramados en los banners de un montón de blogs rosarinos. entonces, para cocinar los sushis tenés que econtrar, con la ayuda de dos directorios, qué blogs tienen los ingredientes correctos para "cocinarlos" y ganar. hay premios, desde cenas para 6 personas hasta atuendos de cocina japonesa. la campaña también incluye flyers, posters, facebook, twitter , un blog y spots y PNTs de radio.

TAKO VIE 10 JULIO.mp3 - facuvsfacu . facu medina . creative

este es el link.
nada de esto hubiera sido posible sin seba, rodri y agus.
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TWITTNITES comes from a simple idea: get the twitter community together with special guests to share stories, projects and experiences over drinks.


TWITTNITES viene de una idea simple: juntar a loa comunidad twittera con invitados especiales para compartir historias y experiencias entre copas.

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Twestival Rosario

Twestival Rosario Blog.
we organized and took part of a global charity event organized via Twitter.

TwestiDrink. the solidary drink.

By consuming this refreshing drink you will not only help vigorize your nocturnal chi.

You will also help help donate money to Charity:Water, the organization that helps a lot of people get clean, safe water to drink.


Twestitrago. el trago solidario.

Consumiendo este refrescante trago no sólo vas a ayudar a vigorizar tu chi nocturno.

También vas a estar ayudando a donar dinero a Charity:Water, la ONG que ayuda a que mucha gente pueda acceder a agua potable y segura.

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Private neighborhood life / Vida de barrio cerrado

250 families living. 250 lots available.

and the drafts,

(The Shortcut of the Golden Forest)

(The Shortcut of the Four Palm Trees) 250 families already know how to live in nature.
250 lots left. Don´t miss the oportunity to live in the best place to live.

these are supposed to be automatic forest camera pictures, chupacabra style...

A community of 250 families exists in nature. JOIN THEM.
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