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Plura Campaign / Campaña Plura

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march/25/06, this is a campaign we did with Federico Watkins and Gabriela Arango for Kretz. for their new price verifier, a device for supermarkets where people could check the price of what they were buying and also check out offers or things that were on sale.

1 - "Everything has a price: $ 7,000,398,218,999. Plura. The value of things".

2 - "To deceive a friend costs a friendship.
Plura. The value of things".

3 - "What´s cheap isn´t expensive, it´s cheap.
Plura. The value of things". (This one plays with an old saying that says that if you buy something cheap it will end up costing you, being expensive).

copy: "
Plura improves the shopping experience of your clients: now they can find out the price of what they’re buying without asking anyone, they can check out offers and sales or sum up their goods. Also, it has advantages for your company, because it reports statistics of use, crosses information of consultations and helps measure the efficiency of your offers. And what’s best: on that blue screen at reach, for everyone to see. Plura. Kretz´s price verifier".